Last Tear

Let this be... the last love letter i give

Giggles (Halloween Special)

It's finally time, Halloween has come and i'm finally old enough to go out by myself, but while the candies are a very nice attractive for kids, getting older makes you appreciate the tricks better, this year, i don't care about candy, this year, i'm ready to bring chaos to the city.

Tears of the Underworld 01

The gate and the river

What is it that comes after death?, it is said that those who were evil and hurt others in life, find themselves punishment in the afterlife, i don't know what it might be, but there is one thing i'm sure of: i will never forget what i saw those horrible nights.

I fell in Love with a Vampire 02

New World

Have you ever entered a room and felt like everyone hates you for no reason at all? no?, just me?, well, i guess i need to explain.

Assassin's Chronicles 01


It's raining, the cold night and the wind blowing, from the top of this tower, no matter where you look, the streets are full of criminals, no one does anything, the few members of the police who are able to get them have their hands tied by their corrupt superiors, they don't even bother hiding anymore, how long?, how long has it been like this?.

Land of Dragons 02

forest ambush

After a long battle and a short farewell, Shadoon went his way towards the central kingdom as the sun started to fall behind him, his first obstacle would be the Forest of Stars, a marvel of nature, kept since the times of the creation of the world as a proof on how humanity could evolve while still keeping their contact with nature, the tops of the trees as high as your eyes can reach, only opening to show the beauty that is the moon and stars in the sky fungus and flowers of all kinds growing under them, the sounds of insects and norturnal animals starting to echo.

I Fell in Love with a Vampire 01

My name is James Alexander Exirius, i know it's a weird name, but it suits me, since i was a child i have had a lot of problems, everytime i got to a new school i always got in trouble, i never cared about making friends, nothing called my attention, and for my family, well, there's not much to say about them, they are pretty normal.

Land of Dragons 01

castle at siege

At the castle of Kai kingdom, at some subterrain place, a dark figure prepares to fight, training for the last 4 years...... meanwhile, at the outsides of the castle, a great army prepares their atack.

At the throne room, a soldier talks to the king.
Soldier: Majesty, there's Pyflar troops coming towards us, they might be here in less than 2 hours.